From the road to the racetrack: the road-legal Dallara Stradale has been transformed and becomes the EXP

The track day variant of the Stradale is fitted with Pirelli P Zero Slick tyres and is as fast as a GT3

Home Road Cars Supercars From the road to the racetrack: the road-legal Dallara Stradale has been transformed and becomes the EXP

It was in 2017 that the engineer Giampaolo Dallara saw one of his dreams become reality: the Dallara Stradale, a racing car with a number plate. 5 years on, however, the company from Varano de' Melegari has felt the need to return to its natural habitat: the racetrack. And thus, via the number plate and every limit dictated by the requirements of road-legal regulations, here comes the Dallara Stradale EXP, designed for use on a race circuit. The new car has an engine developing 500 HP (100 more than the road version), 720 Nm of torque and a featherweight of just 890 kg.

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The exclusive Stradale EXP generates spine-tingling performances and does so not least thanks to its Pirelli P Zero Slick tyres chosen especially for the vehicle by Dallara. The P Zeros developed on an ad hoc basis for the Stradale EXP actually allowed the Emilia-based company to reach its pre-determined objective: to achieve a lap time lower than one minute 46 seconds through the bends of the Mugello circuit, a target reached and in fact bettered, given that the car with its Pirelli tyres achieved a lap time of 1m 45.837 seconds.


In order to develop these tyres, the engineers from Pirelli had to climb quite a high mountain. The racetrack set-up of the vehicle actually requires the tyres to support impressive loads, comparable to those generated by a class GT3 car. Reaching the summit was possible thanks to a thorough development of the structures and materials, using a softer compound for the front axle and a firmer one for the rear, in order to favour a good dynamic balance for the car and ensure the right blend between performance, grip and resistance to different temperatures. As in the case of GT cars, in this instance too one important factor is its versatility: this is what the P Zero was created for - easy to use for gentlemen drivers, who need a tyre providing clear feedback, but which is also suitable for more demanding drivers.


The Dallara Stradale EXP is an evolution of the Stradale destined for an experience within anyone's reach, from the road to the racetrack, which allows fans of track days to enjoy themselves without having to comply with the regulatory constraints of road-legal cars. This supercar was launched at the Pirelli P Zero Experience at Mugello, one of the most exclusive outings dedicated to fans who want to take their own car onto a racetrack and to try out the most high-performing models from the car manufacturers for which Pirelli creates custom-built tyres. The Stradale EXP with P Zero Slick tyres arrived at the event having already completed more than 9,000 km on circuits such as Barcelona, Misano and Vallelunga and is now ready to be driven on circuits throughout the whole world.