P Zero Experience...stars and stripes

The exclusive Pirelli track day made its debut in the United States, at the Thermal Club in California

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After Italy, UK, Austria, Germany and Abu Dhabi, the P Zero Experience finally arrived in the United States. The unique track day known for its 360° Pirelli brand experience, could not have chosen a more exclusive venue than the Thermal Club, in California, for its stars and stripes debut.

The Thermal Club is an all-inclusive private destination for the distinguished motorsport enthusiast, situated in the Palm Desert's beautiful mountain scenery, just a couple of hours drive from the P Zero World, the first Pirelli flagship store located in Santa Monica Boulevard, in LA.

This ultra-exclusive hideaway is adjacent to a private airport and perfect for the super wealthy car collectors who are building their dream villas along the spectacular 5.1 miles of racetrack carved into the land. With the opportunity to house 20 cars in their massive garages, this has quickly become the ultimate dream vacation for car enthusiasts.

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Designed by Alan Wilson, each circuit has its own covered paddock, unique features and the ability to change layout, giving members more than 20 different options with more than five miles of pristine pavement.

The track layout for the P ZERO Experience was a combination of both the Desert Circuit and the North Palm Circuit, creating a track of 2.6 miles and 17 turns.

But don't be fooled. The US P Zero Experience far exceeded a conventional track day. The almost 100 guests in attendance were treated as professionals pilots, and given the chance enjoy the track their own cars or experience the thrills of the high performing models provided by the best car manufacturers Pirelli collaborates with in developing tailor-made tires: Pagani, Porsche, McLaren, and Lamborghini, just to name a few.

Consistent with the P Zero Experience tradition, the day started early in the morning with participant registrations, and ended with the falling of the chequered flag and a spectacular desert sunset.

Intense driving on the race track was balanced with a relaxing lounge fitted out for participants. The lounge featured Pirelli Design products (including haute couture watches designed by Roger Dubuis and the limited edition Montblanc trolley collection specially created for Pirelli), exclusive contents provided by the Pirelli Foundation and images from the iconic Pirelli Calendar, beside a selection of the most precious and high performance sports tires.

All ingredients necessary for a complete and full immersion in the world of Pirelli and a successful first US P Zero Experience.