Mercedes prefers Pirelli in the United States

In the United States, when it comes to tires, Mercedes has no doubts: Pirelli is its favorite choice !

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In fact, in 2019, the crown of "favorite tire partner" of the German company for the U.S. market went to Pirelli. The partnership between Mercedes and Pirelli can be described as “strength in numbers”. The Italian tire maker has over 600 homologations with Mercedes, 200 of which are on model year 2019 vehicles. Not to mention the fact that last year, the Long P was the first global tire supplier for the "Star".

P Zero, Cinturato, Winter Sottozero or Scorpion. For every Mercedes, there is a dedicated Pirelli tire. Following the Perfect Fit strategy: the work of co-development of the tires carried out for over 18 months by the Pirelli and Mercedes engineers is enhanced by a marking on the sidewall of the tire. That marking indicates that the tire in question has made-to-measure solutions able to enhance the qualities and peculiarities of the car.

Just like a "periodic table" applied to tires, let's read together the symbols that identify Pirelli tires developed specifically for Mercedes.

Mercedes prefers Pirelli in the United States 01
Mercedes prefers Pirelli in the United States 01


This means "Mercedes Original". Pirelli tires with this symbol on the shoulder are highly technological products, designed with over 200 materials, each with a specific function. From the outer layer to the internal compound, each component is developed ad hoc to offer maximum reliability, longevity and comfort. For a unique driving experience.


This marking indicates that the Pirelli tire for Mercedes comes with the PNCS and is therefore more "quite". In fact, the "Pirelli Noise Canceling System" (PNCS) technology reduces the noise level of the tire cavity. This noise, in fact, which is caused by the vibrations released by the compression of the air during the crushing phase of the tire, is transmitted from the tire to the wheel hub, and from there, via the steering and the suspension systems, right inside the passenger compartment.

The system developed by Pirelli, which consists of a layer of polyurethane sponge placed inside the tire carcass, allows these vibrations to be dampened and reduces the impact of their transmission to the passenger compartment. With the “Pirelli Noise Cancelling System” the noise level is reduced by 2-3 decibels, which is equivalent to halving the overall noise level, with a consequent notable improvement in driving comfort. The development tests carried out by Pirelli confirm that the use of this sponge does not alter the other characteristics of the tire.

Mercedes prefers Pirelli in the United States 02
Mercedes prefers Pirelli in the United States 02


This is the marking that gives the driver another peace of mind. In fact, it indicates that Pirelli tires for Mercedes are also Run Flat.

The Run Flat system uses innovative and reinforced compounds together with special “self-supporting” tire walls capable of bearing the weight of the vehicle even when the tire is not inflated, which allows it to continue to be used, even when running while flat, for around 50 miles (80 km) and at a top speed of 50 mph (80 km/h) in complete safety. In the event of a puncture, including at high speeds, Run Flat tires maintain the correct stability and trajectory of the vehicle.

Run Flat tires must always be used in conjunction with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) which provides the driver with an alarm system in real time in the event of loss of tire pressure, thus providing total mastery of the situation and ensuring, at the same time, that it is possible to reach a service station where the problem can be dealt with.


This is the marking for sports performance lovers. MO1 is in fact the symbol of Pirelli tires for AMG, like the powerful GT4, capable of offering optimum traction and precise and safe steering.

In short, the only challenge is choosing the right tire for you. In the Pirelli-Mercedes range there is a tire for every need and driving style.