Lincoln Navigator: luxury made in US

The American car brand combines power and luxury. Its most famous model is fitted with Pirelli eco-friendly tires: Scorpion Verde All Season

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Navigator. This is the evocative name with which Lincoln, Ford's luxury division, wants to outperform the competition, especially in the United States.

The car manufacturer, which owes its name to U.S. president Abraham Lincoln, has made of the American heritage its greatest strength.

Lincoln Navigator: luxury made in US 01
Lincoln Navigator: luxury made in US 01

And, rather than chasing after European rivals, especially on the battlefield of compact SUVs, he chose to take the "American route" to the premium segment, offering "heavy" but functional cars.

The home champion is certainly the Lincoln Navigator, whose restyling last year pushed the model's sales up 70 percent.

Navigator was the forerunner of luxury SUVs over 2 decades ago, and since then it has not stopped its march from conquering the market. Designed to be the "best-class" in its category, the Navigator is the ultimate expression of luxury made in the U.S. with a muscular design that combines technology and refinement in the details: the 450 L Bi-Turbo V6 engine delivers performance of the highest level in recovery and towing skills; the design is essential and elegant, with a soft front in the forms and a tapered chromed rear grill. To embellish the front there are several “mustaches” and chrome elements like the adaptive Full LED headlights that guarantee brightness and glamor to the Navigator's gaze.

Lincoln Navigator: luxury made in US 02
Lincoln Navigator: luxury made in US 02

At the rear, the Lincoln resembles the tail of a yacht with a slightly tilted rear window. From here you enter the huge trunk with over 17 square feet (2,000 liters) of cargo space when the seats of the second and third row are lowered.

Because in America, you know, size matters and comfort is preferred to performance. To board the Lincoln Navigator you climb up with the help of the automatic side decks that retract with closed doors. The leather seats can be heated and ventilated and have endless customizable configurations to shape the seat in the most complete and comfortable way. In fact, seats also equipped with a massage function with different configurable programs. The materials are of the highest level with leather, wood and Piano Black details that adorn a true work of engineering art.

And, at the disposal of this "work of art" made in the U.S., Pirelli puts its 22-inch Scorpion Verde All Season tires on the vehicle. Designed for Crossovers, SUVs and pickups, the Scorpion Verde All Season is the Pirelli tire with an ecological core, designed to reduce rolling resistance and therefore fuel consumption. Not a minor detail considering the weight of cars like the Navigator.