Lincoln Continental and Aviator: icons of stars and stripes

Scorpion Zero All Season, Cinturato P7 All Season and P Zero tires: all the Pirelli product families available for the heroes of Lincoln

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The Navigator is not the only "hero" of Lincoln. Another model that certainly made the history of the American brand is the Continental, produced for the first time ever in 1939. The Lincoln Continental has always shown during its long life a specific style proper of the luxury car, entering as such in the American imagination. For this icon of stars and stripes Pirelli has homologated Cinturato P7 All Season tires and, for performance lovers, also P Zero tires.

Instead, we move on to the Scorpion Zero All Season family for one of the last born of the Detroit brand: the Aviator, Lincoln's full-size SUV, featuring eco-sustainable mechanics, luxury and lots of technology.

For example, by downloading a special app on your smartphone you can take advantage of various features, such as the "Phone as a Key" that allows you to remotely control numerous Aviator functions, including the opening of doors, air conditioning, adjustment of seats or mirrors.

And speaking of technology, the Pirelli Scorpion Zero All Season homologated for the Aviator are also available with PNCS, the technology of the long P that makes the tires quiet.

With "ammunition" of this magnitude, it is not difficult to predict the success, even in the coming years, of the Lincoln brand.