BMW X5: German SUV born in the USA

All SUVs from the German manufacturer are produced at the U.S. factory in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Also Born is the USA are the Pirelli tires that fit the powerful X5.

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Born in the USA. When it comes to Pirelli tires and BMW SUVs, in particular the X5, the famous lines of the Bruce Springsteen song certainly come to mind.

BMW X5: german SUV born in the USA
BMW X5: german SUV born in the USA

In the case of Pirelli tires, however, New Jersey, the birthplace of the "Boss", is replaced with the state of Georgia. The City of Rome, approximately 70 miles North West of Atlanta, is where the tires of the long P for the BMW X5 are born.

Since 2002, as proof of the importance of the American market for Pirelli, the tire maker has concentrated its production of Premium tires aimed at high-end cars in North America.

All BMW SUVs are also Born in the USA.

The first BMW SUV, the X5, was born in 1999 at Plant Spartanburg, the first BMW factory built outside Germany. Since then, all the X models (except the X1) have been produced at the South Carolina plant. In addition to the X5, the X6, the SUV coupé which become an unexpected worldwide success, is produced at the plant, as well as the more compact X3 and the new X4. 

More than twenty years after its launch, BMW confirms its winning formula, introducing the fourth generation of this powerful SUV for 2020. 

Three centimeters longer, six centimeters wider and two centimeters taller than the previous generation X5, the new 2020 BMW X5 has also gained four centimeters in the wheelbase. Since the first model launched, the dimensions of the X5 have always been impressive, making it one of the most popular SUVs of the premium segment.

The look of the new BMW X5 2020 is however more dynamic and muscular. In the front the new double kidney grill (collected in a single element) stands out combined with full LED headlights or optional adaptive Laserlight headlights.

The back of the X5 also changes, thanks to the LED tail lights (more tapered) and a larger tailgate, which allows access to a  33.9 cubic feet of cargo space, which can be expanded to 72.3 cubic feet by folding the rear backrests. Not a little detail in a market, like the American one, particularly attentive to spaces and dimensions.

The lower flap is characteristic: now a signature for the model. Its opening is motorized, as is the closing.
Even in this fourth generation, the X5 maintains its strong character in terms of design and performance. Such a car can only fit the most performing product in the long P range: the P Zero.

Pirelli tires for the X5 are made with the use of MIRS (Modular Integrated Robotized System) technology, in the American plant in Rome. And from here they are ready to travel all the roads of the new and the old continent.