Back in style - Pirelli powers up the hill

After a year away, The Goodwood Festival of Speed is back with debuts of the latest and greatest supercars, to runs up the most famous hill in the industry

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The Goodwood Festival of Speed is back, ‘the moving motorshow' is eagerly anticipated by manufacturers and visitors alike, but excitement levels reached new heights following the absence of the Festival of Speed in 2020. True to form, the 2021 edition featured an eclectic mix of automobiles of all shapes, sizes and ages wearing Pirelli rubber.

Following heavy downpours the night before the event began, the green tarmac provided an extra element of excitement for the drivers to grapple with. The supercars lined up for their first run up the hill, each tangoing with the limits of traction. There was no better way to understand the conditions and adhesion levels than in the all-wheel-drive Huracan Evo which powered away from the iconic start line with its P Zero Corsa rubber clawing at the asphalt to demonstrate firsthand that power is nothing without control.

Other supercar highlights included the public debut for the 2021 992 Porsche 911 GT3 complete with Touring Package, the McLaren Artura and the howling Ferrari SF90 Stradale Spider. Another noteworthy debut was made by the Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT fresh from the Nordschleife where it set a new SUV lap record on bespoke P Zero Corsa tyres.

Back in style - Pirelli powers up the hill 01
Back in style - Pirelli powers up the hill 01

The debut of a retro, yet brand new car could not go unnoticed. The wedge shaped Lancia 037 is a legendary mid-engined FIA Group B rally car that competed in the 80's that was the last rear-wheel drive contender to win the championship. The Kimera EVO37 is a loose tribute to the Lancia and is powered by a heavily re-engineered version of the 2.1-litre four-cylinder petrol engine from the original 037. The Kimera was unveiled by CEO, Luca Betti and Lord March before powering up the hill in all its restomod glory.

Across the lawn, the Cartier Style et Luxe display with special feature for 2021 edition - the ‘Reach For The Skies - Gullwing Exotica' collection which was centred around a bespoke Pagani Huayra titled the 760 VR wearing its unique Pirelli compound.

Looking back through the ages the usual, yet mind-blowing, mix of historic race cars filling the paddocks was as varied and vivacious as ever with Formula 1 cars being fired up before the likes of Daniel Riccardo, Lando Norris, Alex Albon and many more enthusiastic pilots jumped in for a run up the hallowed hill. The fastest time of the hillclimb event was set my the menacing McLaren 720S GT3X which stunned the crowds on its race ready P Zeros. The event true return to form for the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Back in style - Pirelli powers up the hill 02
Back in style - Pirelli powers up the hill 02