Scorpion E-MTB: Record-breaking strength, sustainability and light weight

Just over a year after the launch of the Scorpion MTB line comes the specific version for electric mountain bikes

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A cross between an Enduro motorbike and a mountain bike: e-mtbs are proving more and more popular with fans of off-road riding, so much so that they have been ranked as the link between two-wheelers with pedals and motor-driven ones. Pirelli's response to this growing industry comes in the form of the new Scorpion E-MTB, the first complete range of e-mountain bikes dedicated to all the disciplines of electric off-road riding.

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Scorpion E-MTB: Record-breaking strength, sustainability and light weight
Scorpion E-MTB: Record-breaking strength, sustainability and light weight

The Scorpion E-MTB line comes in three possible variants: the Scorpion E-MTB M is an extremely versatile mixed terrain tyre that provides excellent grip without compromising on smoothness: it is ideal for Trail and All Mountain, and can be used mainly on mixed surfaces.

The Scorpion E-MTB R has been designed specifically to guarantee greater rear traction: paired up with the M model, it in fact ensures improved road holding and grip in any context. The last variant is the Scorpion E-MTB S for soft terrain: it is simply perfect for Enduro and for soft, yielding terrain, featuring aggressive tread knobs spaced far apart to provide a high level of grip when cornering and braking.

For Pirelli, the link between traditional and electric mountain bikes is based above all on the sharing of technologies, all of which are derived from motor sports.

The new e-mountain bike tyres are in fact also equipped with the SmartGRIP+ Compound, which has been specifically reformulated to adapt to the electrical bike world thanks to the presence of Lignin, a naturally-sourced chemical substance, in addition to the basic composite. In fact, the limited environmental footprint of this waste component from the paper production process improves the performance and the mechanical properties of the Scorpion E-MTB range and provides for improved driving load capacities, with superior road holding on any terrain, resulting in a smoother tyre feel.

The off-road use of E-MTB tyres requires a reinforced construction, guaranteed to Scorpion E-MTB tyres by the HyperWALL technology developed by Pirelli and applied to the bead and sidewall areas to further increase the performance in terms of stability and resistance to sidewall crushing. With a textile loop around the rim, the HyperWALL technology consolidates the bead, improving its stability by 10%, providing 50% more protection against sidewall pinching, and allowing riders to benefit from a handling at low pressure that has been improved by 25%.

Their light weight is certainly one of the distinguishing features of the new Scorpion E-MTB tyres, thanks to a weight reduction of about 20% compared to a downhill tyre and which allows reliability, protection and a fun ride.