Pirelli e-bikes for Milan's hospitals

Pirelli's “Cycl-e around” assisted-pedaling bicycles for the healthcare workers of Milan's hospitals

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The challenge is how to move in the city while respecting social distancing measures, without using public transport, reducing car traffic and covering greater distances than traditional bicycle would allow. The answer could be e-bikes whose advantages are becoming ever clearer, especially at this moment in history. Pirelli, through its “Cycl-e around” division, has decided to put its fleet at the disposal of the healthcare workers of some of Milan's hospitals, also as a gesture of support at this challenging time. 

Pirelli e-bikes for Milan's hospitals
Pirelli e-bikes for Milan's hospitals


This is the goal of the “RIDE Safe” initiative dedicated to Milan's “Vittorio Buzzi” Children's hospital and the Fatebenefratelli and Ophthalmic hospital. Pirelli is offering their employees free use of 14 Pirelli “CYCL-e around” bicycles, the rental service for high-end sustainable assisted-pedaling bicycles.


The employees of the two hospitals who participate in the initiative will have the possibility until July 10 of using the eBikes for a period of two weeks, after which they will be sanitized and passed on to others. “RIDE Safe” is also the first pilot test aimed at companies, to test the interest of potential users and is part of a study into its application on a large scale, which could be extended to other cities.