Nomades and Montagel, "electric" pedalling across town

Two e-bikes, two different intended uses: Pirelli CYCL-e around presents the Nomades and Montagel models, which are the result of the successful partnership with Stajvelo.

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One urban model, and one for gravel: Nomades and Montagel are the new e-bikes designed by Pirelli CYCL-e around and Stajvelo available for rental and for purchase. Two solutions that will be available on the market from summer 2020 which supplement Pirelli's electric mobility offering for urban and leisure travel. The new electric bikes are already available for rental from some high-end accommodation facilities, where sensitivity towards the new mobility requirements is greater.

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Nomades and Montagel: technical features

Robust, versatile, designed specifically for use in city travel: Nomades is an electric bicycle made with an Al6061 light alloy frame featuring a design reminiscent of American beach bikes. Distinguished by the Pirelli livery, with the traditional red and yellow P lunga colours, Nomades is equipped with CYCL-e GT tyres, which are just perfect for “city” e-bikes. Equipped with a tread pattern deriving from Pirelli's experience in motorcycling, the Pirelli CYCL-e GT are robust sports tyres, which provide excellent holding during cornering and remarkable handling even outside the city, as well as a high puncture resistance thanks to Cap&Base technology.

The Montagel e-bike was on the other hand devised to follow the real cycling trend of the moment, namely electric gravel bikes devised to allow anyone to try out their off-road skills, on gravel roads or light off-road trails without too much effort. The tyres supplied with the Montagel are the Pirelli Cinturato Gravel with mixed profile (M), suitable for any road surface, even dirt roads, offering superior puncture resistance and maximum grip, even on wet surfaces.

Both Pirelli e-bike models are equipped with a Polini EP.3 motor, with 250W of power and 5 levels of assistance. Polini also manufactures the 500W lithium-ion battery, with a range of 220 km at level 1.

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Pirelli's e-bike world continues to grow: from guided tours to the latest news for autumn

As autumn sets in, the Pirelli CYCL-e around Stajvelo bikes will also make their way to the outer spaces of Pirelli HangarBicocca contemporary art center, where you'll get the chance to rent the e-bikes and discover the various neighbourhoods of Milan, while the Empresa stores in Milan, Rome and Florence will provide Nomades and Montagel for a test ride. The initiatives on the Italian national territory follow those launched by Pirelli CYCL-e around for the summer, with the first Nature and Well-being e-bike tour of Portofino park, in addition to the presence of Pirelli e-bikes in certain luxury accommodation facilities in Tuscany, Umbria and Valle d'Aosta.