MV Agusta electric bikes and scooters

Enjoy city life in an eco-friendly and fast manner, in pure MV Agusta style

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The MV Agusta brand is making its first appearance alongside electric mobility with a unique range of two-wheel electric vehicles.

MV Agusta is thus addressing the growing market of a sophisticated and demanding urban clientèle, who appreciates the brand for both styling and quality, in search of new solutions to move around the city. In fact, the light vehicles from the new e-mobility division of MV Agusta accommodate the need to get around in complete freedom on city roads in a smooth, swift and stylish way, but above all respecting and protecting the environment.

MV Agusta electric bikes and scooters 01
MV Agusta electric bikes and scooters 01


The name “AMO” was chosen for the first series of e-bikes with the aim of emphasising MV Agusta's love for the world of two wheels. The first models in the range will be the RR offered in two colour combinations, yellow & black and red & black while the limited edition RC will don the classic red-white-black livery of the MV Agusta Racing department.

Both versions feature the silent 250W Mahle engine with a maximum speed of 25 km/h, a 250W Panasonic battery with a range of 75km and a single charge. Choice top-of-the-range components such as Pirelli Cycl-e Downtown Sport tyres in size 42-622, two Magura disc brakes and the Gates carbon drive belt. Weighing just 15.5kg, these e-bikes are ideal for both urban and leisure trips.

An all-Italian production marked by tradition and impeccable craftsmanship with the use of innovative materials and components and latest-generation technologies. Some of the most successful manufacturers in the industry were picked for the electric scooters, while the range of electric bicycles will be fully assembled in the production plants in Varese.

MV Agusta electric bikes and scooters 02
MV Agusta electric bikes and scooters 02