Bentley EXP 100 GT,
a four wheel drive experience

For its 100th anniversary, Bentley presents the all-electric concept car that brings nature into the vehicle

Home road Bentley EXP 100 GT,
a four wheel drive experience
Bentley EXP 100 GT,
a four wheel drive experience

We will be able to shift the clouds into the car with a mere gesture of the hand and the Artificial Intelligence will describe them; we will savour the tangy scent of the sea without rolling down the windows; we will be told where to go for a meal en route without lifting a finger. Bentley claims that the 2035 grand tourer will do all this, offering an emotional experience that will inspire and entertain passengers who need to escape from daily routine.

These goals have generated Bentley EXP 100 GT, which moves beyond transportation vehicles to become a cosy lounge designed for a unique journey. To celebrate the past and move towards the future, Bentley has created an all-electric concept car that converges the know-how of a hundred-year long corporate history with a vision of a journey centred on the passengers’ well-being and respect for the environment.

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The 2035 car had to be a concentrate of technology: artificial intelligence, augmented reality and optional self-drive will be the travel companions of the future on board the EXP 100 GT, for which passengers’ well-being is a priority.

You can choose from five options for the journey-experience promised by the new Bentley: Enhance, which reproduces outdoor sensations (sound, scent, etc.) to create the impression of driving with the hood lowered; Cocoon that, instead, purifies the air and creates a matt effect on the windows to enhance the privacy of a protected nest; Capture, which records what happens both inside and outside the vehicle, to record a travel log; Re-Live, which reproduces key moments, and Customise that allows to select and combine different aspects of the various modes.

The journey in an EXP 100 GT must be absolute luxury. The AI of Bentley Personal Assistant spontaneously configured elements in the passenger compartment, such as the seats, to suit passenger needs, anticipating requests with biometric sensors that detect eye and hand movements and measure blood pressure levels.

The Active Aero Wheels hubcaps are dynamically adjusted to enhance tyre efficiency or performance and Pirelli Intelligent Tyres of 2035 will adapt the contact points to suit either weather conditions or the driver's preferences.


Certain features of the external design recall models of the past for an uninterrupted sequence of Bentley's that have made history and those which are creating history: e.g., the rear fender inspired by R-Type Continental or the round front lights – the trademark of the Crewe brand – that overlap the grille in the famous Blower of the 1920s or, again, the 5.8 m long body, a vintage feature.

But the outcome is an absolutely modern look achieved also by the specially chosen materials: the metallic hue of the body – obtained with an environmentally friendly pigment – is enriched with aluminium and copper inserts that, besides being sustainable, call to mind the founder W.O. Bentley's insight in creating an ultra light piston with an alloy of these two metals.

The refined exterior is enhanced by dynamic lighting: light from the headlights creates attractive geometrical motifs charged with futuristic charm on the large honeycomb grille. The passengers – and the driver, if present, if conventional driving is preferred to self-driving – are welcomed into the passenger compartment by elegant 2 m wide scissor doors.

The interior too is lined with natural, environmentally friendly materials skilfully processed by Bentley's craftsmen to ensure a highly exclusive product: embroidered fabrics, walnut from naturally fallen trees, organic faux leather, glass and metals merge to shape a sophisticated and relaxing environment.


With this concept car, Bentley merges luxury and environmental sustainability, power and lightness. GT 1900 kg will feature full electric propulsion with lithium-air batteries designed to offer five-fold the energy density provided today. Bentley Personal Assistant will automatically manage the battery charging process, reaching 80% of the capacity in barely 15 minutes, and ensuring max. 700 km autonomy. The battery system will feed four engines designed for acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 2.5 seconds, max. speed 300 km/h and max. torque 1,500 Nm.

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