Antoine Truchet: when photography is a winter adventure

An interview with the French photographer Antoine Truchet: “Winter is the most exciting time of the year”

Home road Antoine Truchet: when photography is a winter adventure
Antoine Truchet: when photography is a winter adventure
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Antoine is a young photographer and filmmaker known through his Instagram account where he's gained more than 60,000 followers posting his shots from around the world.

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Smiley faceAntoine, what is winter for you?
“I’m from the Alps, so, for me winter is the most exciting time of the year. 
It is that moment where everything turns white and I get ready for new adventures”. 

How adventurous is your job as a photographer?
“Being a photographer isn't necessarily adventurous, it depends how you choose to be. However what interests me and what I like shooting is indeed related to adventure; wild nature, action sports. I have this constant desire to explore new places and do new things”. 

What’s the most beautiful moment that you shot in your life?
“It was earlier this year while I was in Indonesia, I climbed the Ijen volcanic crater in Java. It has the world's largest acidic volcanic crater lake with a crazy turquoise water, and is the only place on earth where you can witness blue flames, it seemed unreal”.

And what do you like to shoot in winter?
“Winter is my favorite time of the year to shoot. Being someone who loves sports and adventures, what I love shooting in winter is snowboard/ski action, landscapes, and close ups of mountain peaks. I usually shoot around sunrise and sunset times because it is the time of the day where the light is the nicest”. 

What’s the most important skill you must have to face winter?
“In order to face winter, I believe you’ve got to be familiar with winter in general, you need preparation for this, by knowing the risks and their consequences. Having control is also very important: you need to know how to control your skis or your car, which comes as well with preparation I guess”. 

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