A unique guest
at P Zero World LA

Since its inauguration two and a half years ago, P Zero World Los Angeles has been graced with Formula One drivers, American TV celebrities, baseball stars and other notable ‘stars and stripes’ VIPs

Home road A unique guest
at P Zero World LA
A unique guest
at P Zero World LA

The first Pirelli flagship store, situated in the world situated in fancy Beverly Hills, has in fact become the point of reference for many supercar owners to change their tires and they choose to entrust this to both the store team’s professionalism and Pirelli’s high quality products.

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However, P Zero World’s list of ‘exceptional guests’ was enriched even further when a particular one arrived a few days ago. And in this case we are not talking about a person!

In the shop’s space at Santa Monica Boulevard, a very special McLaren 720S landed: a 1:1 scale model produced exclusively out of small LEGO® building blocks.

To be precise, over 200,000 little blocks cover the car’s metal frame, a result of the collaboration between the McLaren team and the Speed Champion Lego squad in Billund, Denmark. The coloring detail replicates that of the actual motor-powered version , like the details of the car body. 

Over 2000 hours went into the construction of this replica vehicle, which reached a weight of 1.6 tons.

And to complete this wonderful ‘toy’ one could not forget the four Pirelli tires, in particular the P Zero Corsa tires in the special Color Edition Silver version. The ‘long P’, in fact, has exclusively equipped all of McLaren’s ‘flesh and blood’ models over the years.

For those who are in the area, it is worth going by the P Zero World store in the coming days to see it – and if you can manage, try to guess the exact number of little building bricks!

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