A tyre for any requirement
and any season

They all look the same, round and black, but there are many different categories of tyres to respond to any requirement or driving style

Home road A tyre for any requirement
and any season
A tyre for any requirement
and any season

The tyres embody that physical and dynamic link between the road and our car, which may be considered as one of many factors regarding a car, but forming a vital aspect for everyday safety. The way we move on the road depends on their effectiveness, associated with that of the vehicle because a car, without tyres in good condition, can become difficult to handle. Factors such as rolling resistance and fuel consumption are embodied in a round, and seemingly simple form, which has gradually developed over time and has experienced an accelerated technological growth over the past forty years from the old to the new millennium, even with regard to the first attempt at abandoning the concept of the inner tube in the Thirties. A product in which technical and scientific experience converge, and which concentrates many different aspects into this circular form , which also corresponds to that strong and flexible bond that every day unites the motorist, his car and any road he travels.

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From its distant origins right up to the present day, the tyre cannot be viewed as a single, unique but universal item, considering that based on type, shape, size and function, its variety is highly diverse and highly efficient in any situation of use. It all came from an initial idea thanks to the intuition of the Scotsman Robert William Thompson dating from 1846, this will become the first prototype car with a combustion engine began to move. That happened some forty years later. If the development of tyres followed that of the car, certainly an acceleration in the improvement of the performance offered has occurred since the Sixties/Seventies, before the oil crisis, when the car market produced many high performance sports cars.

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The tyre has become increasingly safe, more powerful, more ecological, ever more versatile and dependable. Basically it could be said to act like a shoe, although its function is much more complex and crucial. As a shoe represents a sort of extension of a person’s foot, each vehicle requires a reliable support that can allow it to express its own mechanical qualities, as efficiently as possible and during each individual journey. Not all cars have the same dimensions, just as they do not all offer the same kind of performance. The range is therefore growing and becoming ever more differentiated. As vehicles grow in size and power, tyres also need to change, evolve, become more efficient, not deflate when they are punctured (such as the Run Flat), or self-repair under certain conditions (with the Seal Inside technology), bear a heavier or lighter load and contribute to lower fuel consumption for a vehicle. All features found in the Cinturato range, targeted at a very wide variety of versatile high performance cars, in particular the P Zero range of tyres, aimed at drivers looking for maximum performance and maximum efficiency in complete safety, or the more profiled Scorpion range recommended for SUVs, not forgetting the Carrier range intended to light commercial vehicles.

Therefore the tyre, while remaining a silent witness to every journey, at the same time encompasses the spirit of each trip, a set of changing perspectives of life that flow with an ever different speed, and in all conditions. Whether it's a sunny day or a day turned white by winter frosts, the desire to be on the move will be ever stronger. And for every journey, every street, every direction, every climate, there is a specific product or an optimal compromise, included in the wide range of tyres of different sizes, from compact city cars to the more energetic super cars with precise features developed to support the quality of each vehicle. Whether with the symmetrical tread design (same inside and outside) or asymmetric (different inside and outside), whether they are flatter, more deeply profiled, or more evenly studded (in countries where necessary and permitted); any tyre nevertheless falls into specific groupings, which together make up a large and highly diversified product range. The classification can also be summarised by grouping together the various ranges into three groups: summer, winter and all-season tyres, recognisable by the symbols they bear on the wall (M + S symbol and stylised snowflake for winter Pirelli, sun and snow for all season and no wording for summer). The latter are also commonly known as "all weather" or "Four Seasons".

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