A journey with
a lifestyle spirit...

The journey of P Zero in the USA as seen by La Coquette Italienne. What were the impressions of the fashion blogger?

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a lifestyle spirit...
A journey with
a lifestyle spirit...

Sunglasses, an elegant light blue jumpsuit, a lightweight white sweater and brown wedges: La Cocquette's outfit as she arrived at the P Zero Store in Los Angeles for the start of her Pirelli adventure.

A journey with a lifestyle spirit... 01

A real road trip in search of the unexpected, but also the "lifestyle spirit", captured and admired by the fashion blogger.

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When did you realise that Pirelli had prepared a lifestyle trip?
"From the first day, with the breakfast at the flagship store, photos with the most beautiful cars in the world, the portraits of the models of the Pirelli Calendar and the welcome George and I received, I knew that I had found myself in a stylish, prestigious world." 
The real road trip, the journey through Death Valley from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, began, in a certain sense, with fashion: while the Pirelli mechanics changed the tyres of a Bentley Continental, which just like any true diva was wearing its best shoes, the P Zero tyres, I slipped in unnoticed amongst the photos of the most famous models in the world.    

You were wearing a red dress and unmissable heels in the first part of the journey, then jeans, white trainers and a pullover.  Did you go for something more suited to a road trip?
"I wanted to keep my style, even in extreme conditions. I choose an outfit which wouldn't make me look bad next to the class of the Bentley Continental, but which would also mean I could drive it in comfort."

The Gala Night at the Keep Memory Alive Center was the high point of your experience: what was your favourite moment?
"The evening was perfectly organised: both the place itself and the welcome we received were fantastic. The part I liked the most was when the models came down the catwalk: incredibly elegant clothes and amazing shoes, meaning that even for people who don't work in the industry, Pirelli's concept for its tyres of the Perfect Fit was easy to see. Even the Pagani car which was "paraded" on the catwalk was wonderful: one of the most beautiful machines in the world lit up by the evening lights and the flash of smartphones - it was impossible not to take a photo."

The vibrant lights of Las Vegas

Finding a jewel in the desert. The barren land of Death Valley gives way to the vibrant lights of Las Vegas, where the new P Zero makes its U.S. premiere. #TiresAndStripes

The words of La Coquette, who wore a long evening gown for the evening with a black and gold damask pattern, and had a whole lot of fun in the splendid surroundings of the Gala Night. 

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