Serra (Mercedes): “Tyres are living things” | Pirelli

Serra (Mercedes): “Tyres are living things”

Serra (Mercedes): “Tyres are living things”
Serra (Mercedes): “Tyres are living things”

Rather than being inanimate objects, Formula 1 tyres are living things that expand and contract, heat up and cool down, or become stickier or harder depending on the forces put through them during each race.

Those four round circles of rubber certainly don't make the difference on their own, but matched to the right driver and car, they are a crucial part of the package for success.

Mercedes has been the dominant outfit of recent years and the team has been recently releasing a series of ‘Simple Science' videos on its digital channels.

One of the latest Mercedes videos talks in detail about tyres and how to maximise every aspect of their potential. Loic Serra, the Mercedes team's Performance Director, describes all the things that make Pirelli F1 tyres unique and explains how they work together with the car to create the best possible performance.

Not only that, but Serra talks about how the team formulates its tyre strategies from the pit wall to keep up with the rapidly-changing action on the track.

Sit back and enjoy this excellent half-hour video from Mercedes: a guaranteed shortcut to becoming a Formula 1 tyre expert.