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The characteristics of rally tyres

What's the importance of tyre choice on rallies?

Tyres are main things that the driver feels connected to the road. They determine how fast you can go, and it has to work in every type of conditions. So, for sure, tyres are very important.

Which characteristics do tyres need to have? 

Obviously, we want the tyre that is fastest on each condition, but we also need the tyre that is very reliable and that works on all types of surfaces and conditions - a very wide spectre basically. And, of course in rallying everybody has the same tyres but with some different choices, but we want as much grip as possible: always.

How do you work together with your engineers to make the best tyre choice?

To make the best tyre choice, you have to build up your own experience and feeling about the stages as a driver. Plus, the engineers also have to do the same thing and try to find a solution together with the weather and conditions. When you're making the tyre choice: you really, really have to believe in it and if you're wrong, you still have to believe in it that you can be the fastest.

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