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How to drive a rally car

How do you drive a rally car?

Well, that's a good question. Normally we are flat out but [it's] obviously kept within a window and your driving style has to be fitted to the car you are driving. It's all about the balance and the feeling of the car. When you are comfortable and have the feeling in the car, you can be fast everywhere.

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How to prepare for a rally

Welcome to rally class: your teacher is Petter Solberg. Here you'll learn everything you need to know about off-road driving from the former world champion.

Tell us about your braking technique going into a corner.

The braking technique is different for each driver. So normally we use left-foot braking and position the car into the corner with the hard-braking. So, obviously I use maybe between 30 and 40-bar brake pressure when I want to brake hard and go into the corner, [team-mate, inaudible]: when I was team-mates with him, he used 70-bar. So, it's quite a big difference but it's up to each driver.

How and when do you cut the corner. Why would you cut a corner? Tell us about corner-cutting…

When you're doing stages, for example, a 40-kilometre stage, and you are flat-out the shortest way is the fastest. So, we're cutting corners many times. Sometimes, it's corners, we shouldn't cut at all because it can be also dangerous. But you have to find the limit and technique on how to do this cutting. What can I say, it's maybe not the safest to do but it's the fastest way to do it.

How do you learn to be fast?

To learn to be a fast driver? I have no clue. I think it depends where you come from in each country. You know, I come from the forest, and I'm used to gravel driving on the fields. So rallying was maybe more my direction, some others aim for Formula One, and it's maybe coming closer or living closer to circuits that fits go-karting and stuff. But the more you drive and the more passion - you want something of something - everything is possible.

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