Pirelli will become Inter's Global Tyre Partner | Pirelli

Pirelli will become Inter's Global Tyre Partner

Pirelli will become Inter's Global Tyre Partner

25 years of marriage, a silver jubilee. The relationship between Pirelli and Inter is a love story outside of the norm, exceptional, both in its duration and philosophy.

Pirelli joined the history of the Inter June 14th, 1995, with the signing of the first sponsorship. Today a new contract changes Pirelli's role, leaving the jersey and becoming Global Tyre Partner through the 2023/2024 season.


The victory of the 19° championship is the right occasion to celebrate one of the longest partnerships in contemporary football, bastion of a sport in a time of great evolution. Inter is a Milanese club that has as its symbol the Biscione of the city and Pirelli, a historical company founded in Milan in 1872.

Since Pirelli became the sponsor of Inter, on the field jerseys of many different colours have been seen, with stripes large or tight, horizontal or thin, and even irregular. The only thing that never changed, regardless of the year, regardless of the style, has been the Pirelli logo.

Today the Bicocca based group has decided to become Global Tyre Partner, exclusive tyre supplier to the team, staying beside the club, the players and the fans.


Over the years there have been many milestones achieved together and the most important being the Triplete during the 2009-10 season: no Italian team before had ever won the national championship, Coppa Italia and the Champions League in the same season.

In quarter of a century Inter and Pirelli have won six national championships (five consecutive, from 2006 to 2011, and the most recent) four Coppe Italia, four Supercoppe Italiane. And the previously mentioned Champions League, the Uefa Cup and the World Cup for the club.

There have been many champions that have honored the jersey these 25 years, from ronaldo to Milito, from Zanetti to Lukaku, from Baggio to Vieri, to mention a few. Just as on the sidelines there have been many great coaches, among which Roberto Mancini, actual scouter of the Nazionale Azzurra, Josè Mourinho that lead the team in the Triplete and Antonio Conte.


This period has always been in changing, without pause, both of players and situations, but the Pirelli logo has always stood the time, absolute and immobile, almost as the aesthetical embodiment of the substance fans live for: loyalty.  Every football team connects a part of its image to a sponsor, some of which remain for years. And yet no Italian team has kept a march on its images as long as Inter and Pirelli. A form of symbolic syncretism that reached its pinnacle when Pirelli involved Ronaldo in its 1998 ad, transforming the most venerated Inter player of the time (and perhaps of all time) into a brand testimonial. Standing over Rio de Janeiro as Cristo Rendatore, with the sole of his foot covered in a tyre tread, the Brasilian Phenomenon entered into the history of publicity ads, together with the claim “Power is nothing without Control”. And so it remains, forever.