What to look out for this year in Bahrain | Pirelli

What to look out for this year in Bahrain

There's nothing different about the circuit in Bahrain this year, but there's a brand new Formula 1 tyre compound from Pirelli. The 2023 range now expands to six compounds, numbered from C0 to C5. The latest C1 compound, nominated in Bahrain this year (alongside the C2 and C3) is entirely new, based on the C2 from last year. The previous C1 compound was felt to be a bit too hard, so it now forms the basis of the current C0. The new C1 – which will sport white markings at the Bahrain Grand Prix – is designed to offer more speed and a better warm-up, making it more suited as a race tyre. What does that mean? Closer battles and even more intriguing strategies, at a race that has always been tightly fought anyway. This latest tyre is the result of all the development and testing work carried out last year, when the latest generation of F1 car was introduced along with 18-inch tyres. The Formula 1 tyres for this year take all those lessons on board, making them the most technologically advanced competition tyres that Pirelli has ever created.