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F1 and Pirelli bring passion and technology to schools

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Pirelli has partnered with the new F1 in Schools Primary Class programme to make young people passionate about Formula 1 and the technologies that revolve around the world of Motorsport.

F1 in Schools, the largest and most exciting global STEM programme has recently expanded to include a Primary level competition, fostering an interest in Formula 1 and engaging students with the challenge of action learning, designing and making a miniature F1 car.

The F1 in schools Primary Class allows students to download paper models to cut out and assemble to build their own real-life miniature F1 car. There is a web link that shows its full potential and possible applications.  With these F1 models, and once four wheels have been applied, students can race their cars against other school teams and they can decorate and customise their models according to the colours and sponsors of a real-life F1 team.

Pirelli is enthusiastic about joining the initiative, providing wheel stickers with the trademarks of its tyres: both the slick models for dry asphalt and the wet versions for wet roads, with the tread design to be applied to the miniature wheels.

Formula 1 strongly believes in this programme which targets youths, and has therefore included it among the main initiatives of its programme of social responsibility and fight against diversity and encouraging inclusion.  In addition, the activity is included in educational programmes referred to as STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to encourage the study of scientific subjects.

All the Formula 1 teams in the paddock have joined the project, and they will also be taking part in various presentations and sharing promotional opportunities - as soon as the Covid-19 situation allows it.  Formula 1 hopes to showcase at a selection of Grand Prix, or with events at the team premises and with the presence of technicians and drivers.

Students from participating schools across the world will be able to take part in their National competitions, with a route aimed at Regional finals and National finals where the season winners will be announced!

Andrew Denford, Founder and Chairman, F1 in Schools, says of the partnership, “It's fantastic that Pirelli have joined with us to make sure our F1 in Schools Primary Class cars can be as authentic as possible.  All the F1 Teams have shared their race car liveries with us, so having Pirelli branded wheels, and even the tyre tread, makes the finished car even more realistic”.