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Ferrari Challenge 2021, interview with Lucky Khera

Ferrari Challenge 2021, interview with Lucky Khera 01
Ferrari Challenge 2021, interview with Lucky Khera 01

Lucky by name, lucky by nature. The Englishman dominated the Trofeo Pirelli back at home in his Ferrari, and now he takes on the challenge of the World Finals. As he explains, nothing matches up to the thrill of racing – but the path to success is never smooth.

What's your day job and how do you balance that with your passion for racing?

“By day I'm an operations director, and as for how I balance that with my passion for racing, that's easy: the racing takes priority! To be honest, it's something I've never really struggled with; I've always managed to fit in the two together.”

You're the 2020 Trofeo Pirelli champion in the UK. What are you expecting from the World Finals?

“I find it pretty surreal that I'm here at all actually! I've been on track and it's incredible: there's certainly more cars and closer action that I've been used to in the past, which is pretty breath-taking, I'm just going to do my best and enjoy it. So I'm looking forward to a weekend of close racing.”

Do you know who your main rivals are and who do you fear most?

“I don't really know most of the drivers; I looked at some names and there are some that I recognise but to tell the truth the standard is really high all round, so I don't think I could point at individual people and say that they are the main rivals. I just don't want to be last!”

Did you expect to win every race you competed in last season? 

“No, I didn't expect that at all, so it was a fantastic surprise; you couldn't make it up! There were a couple of drivers I had benchmarked at the start of the season to compare myself with but in the end I managed to find a little bit of extra pace, which was amazing.”

Ferrari Challenge 2021, interview with Lucky Khera 02
Ferrari Challenge 2021, interview with Lucky Khera 02

Which is your favourite circuit and why?

“Donington Park. It's fast with a really nice flow to it; I love the Craner Curves and also the double right-hander at the top. The track is really enjoyable to drive and it's also close to my home in the West Midlands.”

What do you need to drive a Ferrari quickly on track?

“I think you need to find a way to carry the speed most effectively through the corners while still getting back on the power as quickly as possible afterwards. That's what I've been working on anyway.”

How important is to get pole and what race strategy do you use from there?

“It's obviously important to try and get pole; in terms of strategy I think the most important thing is to just get away as quickly as possible and get down the road as fast you can! On the first lap, you just have to push as hard as you possibly can, as the most important thing is to try and build up a gap. If you can do that early on, the whole race becomes easier to manage.”

Would you like to drive a Formula 1 car one day?

“Definitely; who wouldn't it? And I'd love it to be a Ferrari!”