Another victory for Pirelli tyres!

Brazil's Formula Truck has picked Pirelli as its sole tyre supplier for the 2016 season, allowing the Milanese company to reach 100% of Brazilian monobrand competitions

Home race Another victory for Pirelli tyres!
Another victory for Pirelli tyres!

All the races in Brazil will be supplied by a single brand of tyres, from motorbikes to lorries, as well as SUVs and Gran Turismo touring vehicles, this year fitting Pirelli tyres.
With this latest acquisition, the South American racing portfolio is further supplemented, taking up to 25 the grand total of categories in which Pirelli tyres will be demonstrating their superior performance.  Whether on the track, dirt or sand, on a car, a motorbike or a lorry, Pirelli boldly reasserts its position as market leader, its major presence in Original Equipment and over one hundred years of presence in that part of the world. 

Stock Car, Formula Truck, Brasileiro de Marcas, Porsche Cup, Mercedes Challenge, Brasileiro de Turismo, Lancer Cup, Mitsubishi Rally, Formula 3, SuperBike Series, Brasileiro de Motocross and the Argentinian Top Race and TC 2000 are just some of the championships which will be witnessing the use of Pirelli PZero, Pirelli 01, Pirelli Scorpion and Pirelli Diablo tyres, for a total of over 35 thousand racing tyres in a year.
The 25 models competing at Formula Truck will be featuring for the first time ever the road tyres from Series 01, the FR:01 in the 295/80R22.5 size, the exact same tyres sold by Pirelli retailers for lorries across five continents. A new paradigm has been accomplished: from the road to the track. This event is one of a kind in the history of Pirelli racing, where the brand usually takes all the technological know-how generated during extreme racing conditions from the track to the road.

However, the queen of the South American races remains the Brazilian Stock Car. Rubens Barrichello and Ricardo Zonta are drivers who have driven for one of the Formula 1® racing teams and are now faced with the challenges of the main category in Brazilian motor sports. The winners of GP2, Formula 3, Formula Indy and other international races supplement the starting grid of this category, which has always proven hugely popular, drawing in crowds to the race tracks across the whole country.
In the prestigious Porsche Cup too, stars of motor racing, passionate drivers and promising international motor sports enthusiasts, such as the seventeen year-old Pedro Piquet - born into the trade from his father, the many times champion Formula 1® driver Nelson Piquet – race against each other on the Brazilian tracks, pushing PZero tyres to the top-most performance levels. 
A setting that is a far cry from the traditional track awaits drivers of the Mitsubishi Cup and its off-road trails. Woods, rivers and beaches are the classic trails that Pirelli Scorpion tyres have to cover, demonstrating the superior performance on all surface types. A competition that shows off the natural beauties of the Brazilian landscape: from the thick forests to the golden white sandy beaches with crystal-clear water, with the tension of a competition as backdrop. 
Pirelli has a history that dates back 106 years in Argentina, 87 years in Brazil and over 70 years in the rest of the South American continent. Millions of customers and thousands of employees have helped Pirelli achieve its position as market leaders in all the major South American countries, enabling it to become a Brazilian and an Argentinian brand in the two largest markets. A history that continues: on the track and on the road!

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