Pirelli Calendar Gala Dinner:
you could be there

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you could be there
Pirelli Calendar Gala Dinner:
you could be there

You can be there. Just follow the Pirelli road. One of the most exclusive and glamorous events of the year is the presentation of the new edition of “The Cal™”. This year the Calendar returns to London. It throws down a challenge to fans who have always wanted to be there when their object of desire is unveiled and presented to collectors.

Well, the dream could become reality. There is a way to get as close as possible to the Cal™. It is #Chasingthecal, the game that will give away two tickets to the Gala Calendar launch. Much more than the usual social engagement campaign, it is a plunge into Pirelli’s history to emerge as winners. In fact there is something unique to be won - the opportunity to experience the magic of an elegant gala dinner, attended by many of the stars of the new 2016 Pirelli Calendar which was photographed by Annie Leibovitz. There will also be showbiz celebrities, top models and many of those who have contributed to creating the magic of this extraordinary object in the past.

This year then, Pirelli is opening the doors of its most coveted event to two enterprising players, two people who will win the contest against all the other fans ready to accept the challenge by registering, as a first step, on

This is the start of a rip-roaring treasure hunt, where the treasure chest is an alluring Lamborghini Aventador, Pirelli Edition, with two exclusive invitations hidden inside. On board this sports car, the players will be able to embark on a discovery of the most significant places in Pirelli’s history, with famous locations in Milan and objects that have become tokens of corporate culture, until the competitors who will achieve their aim of attending the Pirelli Gala Dinner are finally selected. Taking part is fast, in true Pirelli style, just click on

This will all go hand in hand with the new Pirelli Calendar website, created to reveal the timeline of the world's most famous calendar, a new editorial project from Pirelli that aims to respond to collectors’ and admirers’ thirst for knowledge. It starts in 1964, with background, anecdotes and exclusive images linked to the Cal™, plus photographers, models, celebrities and stories, to relive the most exciting pages of a legend that has tracked the history of lifestyle, art and fashion, a genuine online dossier to browse year by year - click by click.

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