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Safety First, puncture-proof technologies

With Pirelli Seal Inside and Runflat technologies, punctures are no longer a concern

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Can you keep on going if get a puncture? Yes, you can if your tyres have Pirelli Run Flat or Seal Inside technologies. They provide safety, reliability and vehicle control while improving the driving experience in emergencies.

Run-flat tyres allow you to keep on driving for a certain distance and at a limited speed even with zero pressure. Seal Inside technology, on the other hand, autonomously repairs punctures up to 4 millimetres in size.

Two valid and effective solutions to one of the most common concerns that motorists associate with tyres.

Safety First, puncture-proof technologies - Run Flat
Safety First, puncture-proof technologies - Run Flat

Run Flat Technology to travel safely

Run Flat technology is the ideal solution to ensure road safety without sacrificing driving pleasure in case of a sudden loss of pressure following a puncture. The vehicle ride remains stable, allowing you to keep on travelling for 80 km at a top speed of 80 km/h and reach the nearest tyre shop safely.

This is made possible by the Run Flat Self Supporting system that features special side wall reinforcements in the interior structure, capable of supporting the lateral and transverse vehicle loads even when there is no pressure. If Run-Flat tyre punctures, your ride quality will not be significantly affected and you may not even notice the problem right away.

For this reason, Run Flat technology must be combined with an electronic pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that signals any loss of pressure in real time. Run Flat tyres also require specific rims to ensure correct operation in the event of a puncture.

Seal Inside technology: punctures under control

Seal Inside technology allows you to keep on driving with no leaks in case of punctures up to 4 millimetres in size. This is possible thanks to the sealant present in the tyre that immediately forms a coating around the foreign object preventing the escape of air and the consequent pressure loss. The sealant also closes the exit hole when the object is extracted. 

Seal Inside tyres are designed to meet specific safety and protection needs. A tyre capable of repairing itself allows the driver to control the vehicle as though nothing has happened. Furthermore, by offering the option to keep on driving, it avoids forcing the driver to replace a damaged tyre in unsafe conditions. However, the efficient maintenance provided by the technology does not exclude the need to check the tyres regularly.

This technology can be used on any type of vehicle and, unlike Run-Flat tyres, Seal Inside tyres do not require pressure monitoring systems or specially designed rims.