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AMG Driving Academy: a driving school that delivers the very best in performance

The AMG Driving Academy can take you to seven places in Italy that will help you to achieve your goal. Both on the road and the track

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The AMG Driving Academy is more than just a simple driving course: it's a passport into a community of elite driving enthusiasts who like to challenge themselves and share their passion for performance. So it's no surprise to see that the powerful Mercedes-AMG cars used for the Academy are equipped with Pirelli tyres, which enjoy a close partnership with the renowned German manufacturer.

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In Italy, there will be seven venues for the Academy in 2020: five on racing circuits (Vallelunga, Voghera, Magione and Modena) and two on the Livigno ice circuit, which joined the Academy in 2019. The objective is to teach ordinary drivers how to become extraordinary, thanks to the knowledge and expertise passed on through a unique series of driving lessons. As well as being educational, it's also great fun.

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Picking up the pace

Pirelli's tyres play an important role in the Academy as they equip all the cars that are used on the courses, allowing AMG fans to experience the visceral thrill of performance driving and learn a few top tips and secrets – all of which help them to become better and safer drivers.

These innovative courses all take place over the course of a day, with no let-up in the action. During the first part of the day, the experienced AMG Driving Academy instructors teach their students how to handle the cars in different situations through a series of challenging practical exercises: from cornering to drag racing to advanced car control. The second part of the experience focuses solely on track driving, through ‘lead and follow' exercises – with the instructor in a pace car and the students following. The pace gets increased lap by lap in order to put all the lessons learned into practice. These techniques learned on the track also have a useful application on the road, by helping to prevent and react to unexpected situations. The emphasis throughout the entire learning process is very much on safety.

P Zero tyres at the forefront of the action

Leaving aside the snow driving component (where Winter tyres are used) the Academy relies on the P Zero family to keep the show on the road, with these specialist tyres selected for their high level of performance and safety on all types of asphalt and surfaces.

The P Zero range is Pirelli's most emblematic family of tyres, and the favoured choice of both prestige and premium car manufacturers. To date, P Zero tyres have racked up more than 1000 homologations on a wide range of vehicles, and they are made to measure for the particular cars that they are fitted to. This ‘perfect fit' strategy is denoted by specific markings on the sidewall to denote the exact manufacturer each tyre has been personally designed for: in the case of AMG, the marking to look for is ‘MO1'.

These markings denote that the tyres have been painstakingly tailor-made to match the unique characteristics of each vehicle, with a dedicated development programme.

These tyres are put through their paces seven times a year in the Mercedes-AMG Academy programme, where Pirelli not only supplies the tyres, but is also present as a sponsor, handing out tips and advice that tell people how to get the absolute most out of their rubber. And because everyone loves a bit of competition, there are some timed laps too…