Puma, the sneaker
with the Pirelli footprint

In an era when street wear dominates, a joint venture between the two brands signals the launch of a shoe with a unique, youthful design

Home life Puma, the sneaker
with the Pirelli footprint
Puma, the sneaker
with the Pirelli footprint

A partnership between Pirelli and Puma has led to the development of the Replicat-X, a revolutionary sneaker that takes its inspiration from the world of motor sport. A high-performance product that fully fits the strategy of Pirelli Design, conceived to exploit the expertise of the tyre sector in other contexts and to create, together with other outstanding brands (in this case one of the global leaders in sportswear), a series of uniquely designed products. 

Pirelli and Puma are global brands that share the passion for motor sport, a sector in which the former actively takes part in more than three hundred and fifty events a year, while the latter is a leading supplier of several successful teams. Both are actively involved in the Formula 1 World Championship; Pirelli as Global Tyre partner, while Puma, official supplier of many teams, has recently announced its arrival in F1 as an exclusive merchandise retail partner.

With this new joint venture created under the direction of Pirelli Design, Pirelli aims to target a new audience of young (and not so young) streetwear lovers - and what product better represents Generation Z than the sneaker? Replicat-X is a shoe that, by importing sports influences into street culture and fashion, enables wearers to strongly express their identity while bringing a new, dynamic and passionate generation closer to the roar of engines.

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The oversized rubber sole, designed with a tyre tread theme and drawing upon Pirelli know-how, gives control and grip when walking: it intentionally recaptures the design of Pirelli’s Cinturato Blue tread, used in Formula 1 to give maximum grip on wet surfaces.

Top performance and a sporty yet refined design, for a shoe as aerodynamic as racing cars with Pirelli tyres. The new sneaker has a perforated, suede-effect microfibre upper, with mesh side inserts to ensure breathability and comfort. 

The Replicat-X was designed specifically by Puma for Pirelli, and is a new piece in the jigsaw of the Pirelli brand’s new ‘track to road’ philosophy. From the world of tyres to that of sports footwear, Pirelli continues to make outstanding products, and with Puma and the new Replicat-X the track now becomes your road.

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