Pirelli Style on Water

The latest PIRELLI 1900 rib produced by Pirelli and Tecnorib have a new look and new features

Home life Pirelli Style on Water
Pirelli Style on Water

The collaboration between Pirelli and Tecnorib has been going on for over ten years. Its purpose is to develop and distribute under license modern and original rubber dinghies. No doubt it is a happy marriage, and proof of it is the work done so far. Specifically proofs of it are the four models of rubber dinghies which will be displayed this year at the Cannes Yachting Festival, the most important European exposition dedicated to the world of boats. Moored in the bay of the French town, just in the same water the greatest producers in the world are bringing their latest innovations, there will be PIRELLI 800, PIRELLI 1100 and PIRELLI 1400, result of the two companies’ joint effort in the last years. But the special guest is certainly PIRELLI 1900, which makes its official debut right there, in Cannes. The latest addition when it comes to elegance and performance.

The team of designers (Mannerfelt Design Team) hired by Tecnorib to work on the project has already had experience in the creation of speedboats. The new challenge launched by Pirelli was to transfer in the dinghy 1900 the same competitive spirit of its tyres used on the most important race circuits in the world, but to have at the same time a beautiful and luxury object to be included in its range. The result is the biggest dinghy of the Tecnorib fleet of all time, another goal adding to the projects developed inside the Pirelli Design incubator, whose products, born in collaboration with top quality partners, share a strong innovation component and research in style.

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PIRELLI 1900, faithful to the philosophy of PIRELLI brand, is made following the top quality standards.
18.5 meters long, five meters of beam, by sixteen tons of displacement, it boasts some solutions which improve its quality and performance. For example, the hull has been made with the method of infusion, making it more resistant, while the hard top, completely in carbon, helps to lower the centre of gravity, improving the performance of the boat.

The engine room hosts two engines, model MAN 16 of 800 HP each, conceived to reduce vibrations and noise and limit fuel consumption. The presence of surface propellers, coupled with the Top System transmissions, allows the boat to reach a maximum speed of 45 knots, while the maneuverability is guaranteed by the joystick and by the automatic trim. In this way driving the dinghy is smooth at all times, at both high and low speeds.


Despite its exterior and engines make PIRELLI 1900 appear with the features typical of a race dinghy, its interior hides a character quite the opposite, comfortable and elegant: the space below deck is two meters high and has been conceived for convivial moments. It includes two big cabins coated with elegant fabrics (one of which is on the stern, on the left), and as many bathrooms, with the walls coated with a valuable mosaic. The central area is equipped with a kitchen with a dining table and option to add a berth. In the living area the warm materials, as the woods whose tones have been taken away, match with the soft and light-coloured metallic lacquering. On the starboard side there is a wide and very functional technical locker, which in the version on display in Cannes is replaced by a third cabin for the crew, proving the extensive possibility of customizing the interiors. On the surface, at the bow, a large sun deck embodies the leisure soul of the boat while at the stern, the fully customizable well-deck has its best expression in the chromatic range; colour and customizations, then, as a further connection and key elements of the Pirelli universe.

As in all the models developed by Pirelli with Tecnorib, there is space enough on the tubes for the Pirelli tyres mark. This time however the tread pattern has changed, we have now the design of the wet tyre tread Cinturato™ Blue Wet, used by Pirelli in the top motor race.
It seems just a detail but it is much more than this. It is Pirelli’s signature, and the sign of a product with a personal touch. A unique, iconographic element, a tribute to the experience of the Milanese company when it comes to tyres to be used in “extreme wet” conditions.

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