Talking about working from home

Thoughts and reflections on working from home. This is how Pirelli's employees are experiencing it

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How many times have you looked at a colleague and seen the person?

It has happened to me many times during these days of working from home. When behind the face that appears in the iPad frame you glimpse the corner of photo, a little boy chasing his sister, a husband who apologizes for entering the frame, before it streaks away like a high-speed train. Then you search for other details, other clues, notice the colours, casual clothes, relaxed postures that make us more human. You see much more than the usual Luca in grey flannel, Madeleine in a business suit, George in his slightly misshapen shoes. Suddenly you see men and women. More fragile, more human, truer. It is the paradox of a distance that brings us closer and pulls into focus what makes us unique: the invisible.