Dorothea Wierer, the joy of effort

The Biathlon champion has three golden rules for winning: having fun, training and facing the fatigue with a smile. In races, the power of skiing is associated with control at the firing range

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It's not every day that one wins the overall Biathlon World Cup, the pursuit world cup and three medals in the world championships, including gold in the mass start. But when challenge is part of one's very DNA, the attempt to repeat the results of the previous year are without a doubt a number one goal. Dorothea Wierer does not say this openly, but in her heart she knows that she stands a good chance in each race, especially the World Cup which will be held in her home, in Rasen-Antholz.

Dorothea Wierer, the joy of effort 01
Dorothea Wierer, the joy of effort 01

How did you prepare this year?

It's been a very demanding summer both concerning sports and non-sports activities, although I did find the right balance to keep both things separate. I had a couple of delays in preparation due to a few health problems, but now I'm ready.

What kind of season are you expecting? 

First of all, I will try to confirm my standings and then there's great anticipation for the World Cup in Rasen-Antholz, a date which I am particularly looking forward to as many of my friends will be there. We are used to being under such pressure, but I hope it will primarily be a big party.

What are the three golden rules in order to win?

Having fun, training hard, and facing physical hardship with a smile.

What is your relationship with physical hardship?

Sport is all about hardship and effort, and it helps you listen to your body. As long as I have fun “suffering” this hardship, I will carry on. The day I no longer enjoy it, then I'll think about hanging up my skis and rifle and doing something else.

What's a Biathlon race like, try to tell us how it works?

The beauty of biathlon is that there are many specialities, from sprinting to pursuit, individual and mass start, and even relay. There are many different formats with a common element: performance - the standings can actually be completely overturned at each shooting.

Dorothea Wierer, the joy of effort 02
Dorothea Wierer, the joy of effort 02

During a race, how do you find the right balance between the power of skiing and the control you need to shoot?

That's the secret of our discipline, which is partly mastered on skis, where your technique prevails, and the other part at the shooting range, where concentration and your ability to isolate yourself from the rest of the world make the difference.

When did you start skiing and why did you choose biathlon?

As a child, I started at a very early age and the decision was almost natural because the area where I grew up is the cradle of biathlon.

What did you dream of becoming when you were little?

What I have become; my dreams are coming true, year after year. The important thing is to deal with things with a smile, I feel fortunate to practise the sport that I have always wanted.

What would you recommend to a little girl who wants to become a champion in a winter sport?

Think above all of having fun and being lucky enough to practice an outdoor sport in contact with nature.

Do you have any superstitious gestures before a race?

I like to wear matching coloured earrings and nail varnish during a race.

Do you follow a particular diet to stay in shape?

Nothing special, let's say it is a balanced diet, but I don't stop myself from having a few sweet treats...