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Moving into digital

Storytelling and technology: these are the two axes along which contemporary society is structured in all its fields, from private to community experiences, to media and corporate interactions. Today, any company that prides itself on fostering innovation must be able to tell its own history and values across the variety of platforms made available by the current technological revolution.

For many years World magazine has been Pirelli’s medium of choice to tell us about the world and to tell the world about itself. As a print-only venue World has brought the key thinkers, cultural leaders and influential personalities of our time, into conversation upon the great themes of the contemporary era.

Today, the arena of the debate has organically expanded to embrace the digital world, finding new life in its newest ramifications. Two major factors have triggered this shift; conversations have moved into the online forum, meaning they now happen much faster. Conversely, any discussion of the contemporary world can’t help but engage the issues brought about by the technological disruption of the last decade, which is radically altering human interactions.

World rightfully belongs within this ever-changing, fascinating landscape. Its newest incarnation does so by expanding its range: on the new website Pirelli.com, World takes on the duty of describing news and trends in the contemporary world, from the perspective of Human Technology – a virtual place where people, innovation and technology come together every day, to decide the shape of our future. It will teach us more about the direct and indirect impact of the digital revolution on our daily lives, in an open dialogue with the remarkable histories and personalities who exemplify the ethos behind Pirelli’s worldview.

A tool and a filter, always on the hunt for new testimonies, with a keen curator’s eye for content: this is the new World, across all platforms, from the revamped print version to the new website. Changing and evolving at a pace with the world itself.

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