Five stunning routes to discover Europe (and beyond) on your e-bike

Italy, Spain, France, Great Britain and the United States are even more exciting if you choose to explore their most hidden corners on an electric mountain bike

Home life lifestyle travel Five stunning routes to discover Europe (and beyond) on your e-bike

Travel and tourism will be different and slower in the summer season after the coronavirus. So why not take this opportunity to discover the wonders of nature and explore the cutting-edge technology of e-MTBs, the really smart bikes for climbing mountains and cruising along breathtaking trails. We have picked five routes to ride this summer on an electric mountain bike in Europe (Italy, France, Spain and Great Britain) and the United States.

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There are many itineraries and landscapes to discover on a bicycle. An exciting tour that even amateur cyclists can tackle starts in Livigno, near Sondrio, and climbs up the Alpisella valley to an elevation of 2200 metres (with grades of up to 30%, very achievable on an e-MTB) before heading down to the Cancano lakes. You can choose two trails, the most challenging one of which follows the source of the river Adda. The route loops back to Livigno through the Val Trela. There are hostels and mountain huts where you can stop along the way and if you wish you can book a tour with expert e-MTB guide on


There are many adrenaline-pumping routes in the Portes du Soleil area, stretching between Switzerland and France. The winter ski destination with its 650 kilometres of slopes turns into the perfect place for enduro and gravity thrill-seekers in summer. It was one of the first resorts to map electric mountain bike routes. There are free charging points everywhere and there are many trails specially designed for e-MTBs to choose from starting from Morzine, in Haute Savoie (980 metres above sea level).


The Canary Islands are a paradise for all types of mountain bikes, including the pedal-assisted variety. Many spectacular trails climb from the ocean to the mountains, surrounded by wild nature and pine forests. On the Grand Canary island, a beautiful route begins and ends in Puerto de Mogán. It features a tough climb across the heart of the island passing through the splendid lookout point of Degollada de Las Yeguas. On Tenerife, one of the many routes goes from La Esperanza to Santiago del Teide. It climbs up to an elevation of 1728 metres along the ridge of the island before descending fast down to Valle de La Orotava. The weather is excellent almost all year round. The trails are well maintained and the positive biking experience is guaranteed.

Great Britain

From the Highlands to the summit of Ben Nevis, Scotland offers some spectacular scenery. One of the best places for mountain-biking is the Glentress Forest, south of Edinburgh, in the Tweed Valley Forest Park. It is home to a major MTB centre and there are plenty of trails closed to motor vehicles where you can cycle in peace surrounded by nature. Some trails climb through the woods up to the mountain peaks. Some are fast-flowing and smooth, while others are very technical, with a variety of terrains. The destination lives and breathes cycling and trekking.

United States

Although electric bikes are still banned from many national parks there are plenty of e-MTB trails to choose from. The website has mapped and collected them all. Particularly noteworthy is the Lincoln Creek Road to Ruby Ghost Town, Colorado, east of Aspen. It has all the ingredients for a fantastic ride, like 590 metres of ascent, a summit standing 3478 metres over sea level, grades of up to 11%, a high alpine glaciated valley and an old mine ghost town.