The 150-year anniversary of Pirelli, in the snow too

Here they are - the Pirelli-branded skis which are marking the 150-year history of the company, produced thanks to the partnership with Blossom Ski

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Pirelli and winter, two universes which have always been close to one another. And not just because of tyres. The new project from Pirelli Design is actually a special edition of skis to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Milan-based company. A product of its partnership with Blossom Ski, the Italian leader in the manufacture of “hand-made” extremely high-performance skis, the skis marking the 150-year history of Pirelli feature a specially-themed design and state-of-the-art technology, such as the fine layer of anti-vibration rubber inside each ski.

The 150-year anniversary of Pirelli, in the snow too 01
The 150-year anniversary of Pirelli, in the snow too 01


With its central wooden core, sourced only from duly certified forests, this new ski is being manufactured by the Blossom artisans using sandwich technology which consists of superimposing various layers of different materials assembled by hand and pressed together at high temperature. Pirelli's contribution is inside each ski, where you find the exclusive anti-vibration rubber strip obtained from a compound developed in the R&D laboratories at the Bicocca designed to absorb by up to 60% the shocks which the ski has to deal with during a descent. This rubber strip is pure innovation and helps to create a unique piece of equipment, for all those who like to enjoy themselves on the ski slopes happy in the knowledge that their feet are carrying “competition machines”, capable of satisfying the requirements of the most expert consumers.


150 years of Pirelli history enclosed in a ski. How did they do that? Thanks to dedicated aesthetics, which pay homage to the Milan-based company. Indeed, on the upper part of the new ski, you can see the iconic elongated “P”, whilst on the tail the official logo for the past 150 years stands out. Both the symbols are coloured gold on a black background. On the underside, once again against a black background, appear two words: POWER and CONTROL, which reprise Pirelli's famous tagline “Power is nothing without control”. Perfectly suited to the snow. Skiers are actually well aware that the secret to going beyond your own limits is not speed, but in fact control.

The 150-year anniversary of Pirelli, in the snow too 02
The 150-year anniversary of Pirelli, in the snow too 02


The 150-year Anniversary ski is destined for a public of expert skiers who are in search of even better performances.  A model titled Race Carve All Around which guarantees great versatility and an exceptional level of stability to provide a fluid and precise skiing trajectory, both through short or wide-radius bends, by adapting easily to the snow conditions on the slopes.

Additionally, for institutional and stakeholder activities linked to the Anniversary, an even more unique…and patriotic... livery has been developed: on the upper surface, in fact, the colours underpin the Italian nationality of the brand and the actual 150-year logo itself is red, white and green, like the Italian flag.

The skis are available in varying lengths: they start from 151 cm, rising to 158, 164, 170, 176, and 181 cm.