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Lego bricks for racing

The most famous Lego Technic model vehicles fitted with Pirelli tyres in real life: from supercars to off-roaders and even motorbikes

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Who has never played with Lego at least once in their lives? Ever since they existed, those world-famous coloured little bricks have brought various generations together: children, parents, grandparents, many of whom grew up with them and continue to play with them today. They are referred to as AFOLs, the Adult Fans of Lego, still devoted to a game which allows them to give free rein to their imagination, by creating alternative projects and worlds.

For lovers of engines everywhere, the Danish firm has developed Lego Technic, successfully carrying off the dream of transporting supercars and much else besides from the racetrack to your own living room, with everything spiced up with an impressive attention to detail, authentic design and actionable functions. And Pirelli is there too, alongside some of the most famous vehicles ever reproduced.

Lego bricks for racing
Lego bricks for racing

The new Lego Technic McLaren Senna GTR

Lego Technic has reproduced the new McLaren Senna GTR: 850 pieces in order to build this extreme supercar, which in the real-life version is fitted with Pirelli P Zero tyres. The might of McLaren has come together with a precision design to recreate a scale model which reflects the actual vehicle in minute detail, maintaining all its characteristics: the V8 engine with its mobile pistons, the splendid aerodynamic curves, working dihedral doors, and even the blue livery which is unique for its type. It is the first McLaren supercar ever reproduced, and building it gives you the same buzz of adrenaline as on the racetrack. It will be available from 1st January 2021.

The latest challenge is the LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Elva, a 263-piece model with authentic details such as the wide chassis, incorporating the open two-seat open cockpit and the AAMS air intakes. This faithful replica also comes with a driver minifigure, equipped with race suit, helmet and wrench, inspired by McLaren Automotive Principal Development Engineer Rachel Brown. It will be available from June 2021.

Actual scale for the McLaren Senna

In contrast, it was real-life Pirelli P Zero tyres which, back in 2019, had been fitted to the 1-to-1 scale model of the McLaren Senna. Half a million Lego bricks were used to build it and almost 5,000 hours of work – stratospheric numbers which make its construction almost seem like a legend. It is so realistic that just looking at it would make you want to take it for a spin. This is not possible, but nevertheless it is still “alive”, and you can appreciate that from the functioning lights and the infotainment system. You can climb inside it, sit behind the wheel, press the start button positioned on the roof and hear a sound simulation of the roaring engine.

Land Rover Defender

It is difficult to imagine one of the most famous off-roaders in the world like the Land Rover Defender, unstoppable by nature and suited to tackling the most extreme terrains, as a reproduction on a suitable scale to be displayed in a living room. And yet here too, the coloured little bricks have allowed the creation of a magnificent replica which captures the exceptional refinement of this vehicle with its clean and modern lines and sculpted surfaces. Furthermore, the model is equipped with wheels featuring the original design, and is available from dealers with high-grip Pirelli Scorpion tyres.

Not just cars, but a Ducati Panigale V4 R too

Style, refinement, performance. Looking stunning, the mini Ducati Panigale V4 R made of Lego bricks captures the Ducati design and spirit. It is the first scale model of a motorbike to include a gearchange so that you can entertain yourself by experimenting with different speeds. Among its other characteristics are: the steering column, front and rear suspensions to make its movement more realistic and front and rear disc brakes. Numerous other details faithfully reproduce the full-size version such as, naturally, the classic red livery which was to capture the hearts of all Ducati fans. Just one thing is missing for it to be perfect: the actual Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tyres.