To innovate is to keep learning

Professional Academy, School of Management and Local Education are the three pillars of Pirelli training

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“Every time we learn something new, we become a new person.” This is how Leo Buscaglia summed up the essence of learning, of studying and of keeping up to date to become new, more skilled and more aware people. In the same spirit as the American motivational speaker, Pirelli has been building a vast and complete training network for personnel spreading out worldwide from the headquarters in Milan for several years.

Called “Training@Pirelli”, the primary objective of the network is to guarantee the uniformity of the educational model, the communications, the contents and the experiences for all personnel worldwide, in all areas and on all levels.

The training portfolio is developed by the Human Resources team in the Milan Headquarters and disseminated across the various regions. It is based on three main pillars: Professional Academies, School of Management and Local Education.

Offering some 200 courses and involving about 70% of all Pirelli employees worldwide, there are currently ten Professional Academies with programmes for personnel at all levels focusing on honing the technical skills of a specific company function. 

For instance, particularly active are the Digital Academy, which supports the digital transformation of Pirelli, and the Manufacturing Academy and R&D Academy, which foster the company's technological development.

Refresher and specialisation courses are often held by more experienced employees who, after having attended an in-house trainer certification course, make their experience available to co-workers to ensure that information and best practices are shared across regions and countries.

Also targeting personnel from all corners of the Pirelli world, the School of Management courses are designed to teach fundamental techniques, approaches and values for company business so that they can be put into practice to successfully implement corporate strategy. According to their role, employees learn how to manage complex processes but also focus on behavioural and soft skills. From “Creative thinking” to “Delivering results” and “Inside Pirelli”, the courses for young Pirelli employees explore the corporate business model and illustrate the main processes that concern the entire production of a product. 

In addition to the global training portfolio offered by the Professional Academy and the School of Management, each country offers local learning programmes according to their specific needs within the scope of Local Education. This category includes language courses, courses on safety regulations, safe driving courses, refresher courses on local regulations and so forth.

In brief, the training network is far-reaching, articulated and comprehensive, inclusive and stimulating, with a global imprint. The educational programme radiates from the heart of the group out towards the various countries to make Pirelli training personalised with respect to company businesses and uniform in contents.