Beauty in the eyes
of Roberto Bolle

Home life Beauty in the eyes
of Roberto Bolle
Beauty in the eyes
of Roberto Bolle

This is the world that revolves around the beautiful Pirelli Calendar, and it is now going online. It brings with it the power of a status symbol, together with the complex world behind it, opening up for the first time to the high speed connections of the digital universe. This is a new chapter in the history of The Cal™, which has already spanned over 50 years. The Cal™ is a collectors' item but, from today, it is possible to come into contact not just with its physical form but also with the experience it offers.

Kept constantly up to date, this rich journey makes it possible to appreciate The Cal™ from unique new points of view. There are of course the artists' photographs and the models and celebrities, people who have had the honour of taking part in the creative and artistic experience, but also the opinion leaders who illustrate their visions in Icons are part of the underlying meaning and content that the Calendar brings to the world when it is published each year. 
A whole universe is going online. It is as though the Calendar were taking shape 365 days a year. Going online reveals the work that goes on in the wings, conveying the beauty and atmospheres in an ever closer contact with the public. The images show us the stories of artists and professionals, as well as the places and concepts that together constitute this highly complex communication project.  
On line, Pirelli enriches the editorial project with a series of exclusive video interviews with some of the top names in the contemporary world, including artists, designers, actors and sports personalities. A prestigious guide to all that revolves around the Calendar – the worlds of beauty, dreams, the visual arts, celebrities and the spirit of our times. 
Icons will examine these topics with selected protagonists, revealing their personalities, dreams and tastes. And it will do so in a series of interviews that will be characterised by the straightforwardness of their style, in neutral locations, in black and white, with 4K ultra high definition cameras. Everything will be designed to bring out the true nature of authentically free conversations, focusing entirely on the faces, bodies and voices of those involved. The guiding principle of Icons will be the simplicity of beauty and the aesthetic power of those capable of expressing, embodying and illustrating it.
The first icon is Roberto Bolle. The most famous Italian star of classical ballet in the world talks about beauty. An interview in which the artist feels free to express himself on the topics closest to his heart, dance, ballet and love. An unprecedented portrait of one of the great stars of the contemporary arts, who feels close to the expressivity of The Cal™.

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