Going places in the cities of the future

Pirelli is taking the lead for the more sustainable and efficient smart cities of tomorrow

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Going places in the cities of the future

Imagine a distant future when the cars of today will be replaced by advanced vehicles combining efficiency with respect for the environment, able to speed across smart cities where mobility is intelligent, organized by technologies that make moving a simple and fluid daily activity. Without a doubt, it would be a future capable of making people happy. But the good news is that most of that future is already here, today, thanks to the efforts of leading companies in the relative sectors of reference, which met at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) in Geneva, the global association the gathers the CEOs of companies engaged at the forefront of sustainable development. 

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Among these companies is Pirelli, with a history of special and constant attention to the reduction of emissions and respect for Mother Nature. In the words of Pirelli, “the outlook with which the company develops its products has always focused on innovation and sustainability”, and also in this regard Pirelli has stood out for a number of projects and achievements few other international players can boast of: with the “Sustainable Mobility Project 2.0” in Campinas, where one of the Brazilian plants is located, it contributes to discovering new and better methods for evaluating urban mobility and to support  local authorities to define a new urban mobility plan.

At the International bus expo – the leading Italian trade fair for road transport held in Rimini from 26 to 28 October – Pirelli Industrial presented the key features of its new trump card, MC:01, a tyre capable of further cutting CO2 emissions, uniting attention to ecological issues with outstanding performance.  

Pirelli and IVECO BUS, a brand of CNH Industrial group, appeared together at the IBE trade fair to celebrate their new partnership: the new Iveco Urbanway was presented to the public, a new generation vehicle entirely redesigned to become a product delivering the very best in comfort and design. The adoption of MC:01 on such vehicles, the tyre that thanks to Pirelli research, reduces CO2 emissions by 10% compared to the previous model, MC:88, is part of the changes in the way we think about passenger transport.  

The innovative features of MC:01 invest equally in tread patterns and the materials and manufacturing technologies used: siping that decreases braking distance, sidewall geometry studied to reduce abrasion from the impact against city sidewalks, and a truly excellent grip on wet surfaces and snow. 

MC:01 is also specifically designed to be compatible with hybrid and electric vehicles, a feature making it even more suited to have a say in the smart cities that await us in the near future. This is also confirmed by the city-owned enterprises that have chosen the Pirelli MC:01 to equip their vehicles, including: Wienerlinien (Vienna), Grazerverkehrsbetriebe (Graz), ATM (Milan), SETA (Modena), AMT (Genoa) and GTT (Turin).

Pirelli is a leader in making our cities environmentally friendly with efficient transport that keeps the natural ecosystem in mind, allowing it to exist and prosper. And in Rimini, it once again demonstrated how its history has unfolded hand in hand with the development of technologies that are conscious about our surrounding environment and sustainability. The city of the future is already here; all we have to do is wait.

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