Hans Magnus Enzensberger

Born November 11, 1929 in Kaufbeuren, Germany. Educated at Universities of Erlangen, Freiburg, Hamburg and Paris. Ph.D. 1955. After a brief period of work in radio and publishing, he decided to embark on a free-lance career as a writer and spent more than ten years abroad.

His main literary work is in poetry and essay, supplemented by excursions into theatre, film, opera, radio drama, reportage and translation, with one or two novels and several books for children thrown in.

Founder of a quarterly called Kursbuch in 1965 and of a monthly, TransAtlantik, in 198o. From 1985-2oo5, Enzensberger has directed an imprint of his own, Die Andere Bibliothek, published in Frankfurt, offering a book of his choice every month.

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