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Latest Annual Report (2013) Annual Financial Report 2012 (6.0 MB)

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Annual Financial Report Pirelli in figures(1.45 MB) (546 KB)
CG Annual Report
Annual Sustainability Report
FY 2014 Preliminary results Pirelli in figures(1.44 MB) (209 KB)
9M (648 KB) Pirelli in figures(1.54 MB) (157 KB)
1H (3.13 MB) Pirelli in figures(1,54 MB) (158 KB)
1Q (423 KB) Pirelli in figures(1,04 MB) (150 KB)

Last Revised: 03 Apr 2015

This section presents Pirelli’s Annual Report, quarterly Financial Reports and statements as well as consolidated data, which are updated periodically according to the financial information presented, maintaining a constant and updated information service for the stakeholders.

This purpose of this section is to offer investors and analysts key financial information regarding Pirelli, allowing them to download the relevant documents.