Letter: N
Nanocomposite A mixture of materials (ceramic, metals, etc.) with dimensions on the nanometric scale (10-9 m).
Nanomaterials/ Nanoparticles Materials/solid particles with dimensions on the nanometric scale.
Nanotechnology Technology with the aim of developing applications based on nanomaterials.
Newton A unit of force in the International System (N), equal to the force required to produce acceleration of 1 m/s2 when exerted on a mass of 1 kg.
Nitric oxides Gases produced by the combustion of fossil fuels. They contribute to the formation of ozone in the lower atmosphere and "acid" depositions during normal rainfall.
Non-hazardous waste Categories of waste that are not dangerous to human health or the environment, classified on the basis of European Decision 2000/532/EC, modified by Decisions 2001/118/EC, 2001/119/EC and 2001/573/EC.
NOx See Nitric oxides.