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A 7 million euro contract to eliminate 44 tonnes per year of fine dust on Piedmont. The Piedmont Regional Government, as part of its plan to improve air quality, has chosen Pirelli Eco Technology to modernise local public transport vehicles. The Pirelli Group company, which works on technologies to control polluting emissions, to install a latest generation antiparticulate filter system, fruit of an innovative technology that can reduce fine power emissions by at least 90%, and carbon dioxide emissions by 50%, on 879 regional buses

RetrofitThe work to install the new filters on the whole fleet of Piedmont buses will be completed by the end of September 2009. And the concrete results will be immediate. Thanks to the new Pirelli filtering system, the standard of emissions on the regional buses will exceed Euro regulation 5. In terms of pollution, the initiative translates into 44 tonnes of fine dust less every year, over the whole Region, with 19 just in the city of Turin. The agreement between the Piedmont Regional Government and Pirelli Eco Technology represents a further Pirelli contribution to the environment.

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