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It was a very volatile week (from the 9th to the 13th) on the international stock markets (London -0.2%, Paris +1.9%, Frankfurt +1.4%) on the continuing rumors about EU countries debt de-rating by the main agencies.

Piazza Affari (+2.5%) emerged as the best performing Market in Europe thanks to the good quarterly auction of Bot. Italian bonds was placed with a yield down to 2.735%, dropped by a half since last December.

Good performance also for european Auto&Parts sector (+3.6%) driven by the positive statements of BMW and Peugeot in particular (positive view on 2012).

Pirelli ended the week at € 6.59, down 1.9% with profit takings after the Goodyear warning of on market trends and profitability in 4Q. For the main brokerage houses, the indications given by Goodyear are “company specific” and do not directly affect Pirelli.



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