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ECPI Ethical Index EMUSince December, Pirelli & C. has been in the ethical finance index ECPI Ethical Index EMU, the classification by E. Capital Partners (ECPI), the rating company leader in socially responsible investments (SRI).
The index includes the 150 companies of greater capitalisation of the EMU market (Economic and Monetary Union), who have been found to be leaders of sustainability as a result of the screening, conducted in line with the parameters of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), for the assessment of environmental risk, social impact and Corporate Governance structure.
Subjected to the screening, Pirelli was inserted in the ECPI Ethical Index EMU as well as in the investable universe of the ECPI Ethical Index Global and the ECPI Ethical Index Euro.

Rating and ECPI Indices also appear on the Italian Stock Exchange site, ethical finance section: http://www.borsaitaliana.itspeciali/finanza-etica/case-history/casehistory/ecpi.htm

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