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calendario 2010The 2010 Pirelli Calendar was given its world preview in London: 30 images of Eros, playful and pure, set in Brazil, created by Tony Richardson, the celebrated American photographer noted for his provocative and transgressive style.
The setting for this anxiously awaited appointment with ‘The Cal’ was the ancient and suggestive 19th century Old Billingsgate building on the banks of the Thames, where the press, guests and collectors from all over the world gathered to celebrate the launch of the 37th  edition of the legendary calendar.
 Figures without frills, away from the complicated and artificial context of trends. Terry Richardson’s photographs are simple and not retouched, in which naturalness prevails over technique and becomes the key to undressing the women portrayed by the sophisticated models of today’s fashion and capture the more radiant side of femininity. The environment in which the pictures were taken was without show or artificial staging in order to achieve simplicity and the essential. Clear homage and reference to their origins in the first editions by Robert Freeman (1964), Brian Duffy (1965) and Harry Peccinotti (1968 and 1969).

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