Development of Managerial Skills

This area includes training programmes designed to improve, upgrade and disseminate the managerial skills of the Pirelli Group, deemed necessary for excellent performance of managerial roles. The objective, according to the Knowledge Management model, is to provide general knowledge to all Group employees, based on the logic of a virtual Corporate University that is partly realised through the use of technology. This means making good use of our Intranet portal and an e-learning platform (Llabs) with catalogue courses structured according to cluster of skills, associated with the position held. The courses are offered in the classroom, online, or "blended".

Among the Training and Development activities, training projects addressing the specific needs revealed by specific professional families are of particular importance.

Here are a few examples:
  • Executive Best Practices - Tyre Operations project objectives:
    create dialogue, vision and common commitments to facilitate effective organisational changes; construct teams of leaders and team leaders, disseminate managerial culture inside the organisation; provide tools and self-development opportunities; align management and support systems in order to promote and reinforce continuous development of management in the Operations area of the Tyres business.
  • Intercultural Management in China project objectives:
    develop greater skills in recognising the different cultural approaches stemming from the encounter between European and Chinese culture; develop comprehension of Chinese cultural orientations; acquire more detailed knowledge and information on the macro-economic context of Chinese, its evolution over the last 30 years, and the current economic development scenario, in order to learn how to operate effectively in the Chinese business community.

Last Revised: 27 2006