Development of Skills by Professional Area

This area includes training programmes designed to improve, instil, and disseminate the following types of know-how:Administration and Control, Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing and Quality, Personnel, and R&D. These programmes are focused on hard professional skills and the soft skills necessary for achieving professional excellence.

A few examples:
  • Start-up Romania Pneumatici
    here are a few of the training activities undertaken as part of the start-up, focused mainly on on-the-job training: the approximately 170 blue-collar employees were given theoretical and on-the-job training at Group plants located in Italy , Turkey and Germany . White-collar employees instead received extended training (approximately 3-4 months), according to their role. Some of the topics addressed: Group values and Code of Ethics, multicultural differences.
  • Fostering ACF Skills
    training course involving approximately 200 persons from around the world at different organisational levels of the Administration & Control and Finance professional area. The path was structured in such a way as to promote development of technical and professional skills such as Accounting, Planning & Controlling, Finance and Finance & Legal, but it also has the objective of improving behavioural skills relevant to steady professional growth.
  • Tyre Technology
    technical training on Tyre Technology, comprised of 12 modules that permit professional growth and improvement of the skills of new hires, specialists and professionals in the R&D function or other functions that work closely with R&D.

Last Revised: 27 2006