This section contains tables showing compatible loads for different tyre sizes (at given axle loads).
It should be remembered that any change of tyre size must respect all current legislation and the homologation specifications of the vehicle in question.
Compatibility is calculated on the basis of the loading capacity.
It is important to choose tyres in relation to the use to which they will be put. 

For long-distance transport low profile tyres (/80 series) are advised whilst ultra-low profile tyres (/70, /60 series) are suggested for volume transport.

Various replacement alternatives are possible: the fundamental factor to consider is the original load capacity.The following information will help in interpreting the diagram:

-the vehicle is fitted with 10.00 R 20 146/143 L Original Equipment tyres

-the external diameter is 1053 mm.

-If a standard tubeless tyre is to be fitted the corresponding size will be 11 R 22.5 148/145 L, with the following advantages:

-virtually identical external diameter

-superior loading capacity (6300/11600 kg per axle as against 6000/10900 kg). Being a Tubeless tyre, it offers all the advantages explained before.

The same kind of study can be done starting from a different basic size.