Increasingly often tyres are appearing on the market with an arrow embossed on the sidewall. What’s it for?

Do all valves have the same technical specifications?

What do the letters FRT mean on some trailer tyres?

Is it possible to trace the date of manufacture of a tyre?

The treads on road trailer and semi-trailer tyres all seem to run lengthways around the tyre; is there a technical reason for this?

Seeing the word “REGROOVABLE” written on the side of Commercial vehicle tyres is becoming more and more common. What does it mean?

What is the purpose of sipes in a tread pattern?

Are there any “winter” tyres for heavyduty vehicles?

Can Tube Type tyres (e.g. with a 20” rim diameter) be mounted tubeless?

Why is proper tyre pressure important and how often should it be checked?

When should tyres be changed?

Why do tyres sometimes wear irregularly?

What components are essential when manufacturing a truck tyre?

On the sides of some tyres for industrial vehicles, there’s a number followed by “PR”. What does this mean?

Do all tyres homologated for sale in Europe have to include the E3 code imprinted on the sidewall?

Is aspect ratio always indicated in the tyre code?

What is a 6x4 vehicle?

What does “rolling resistance” for a tyre mean?