Formula 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO 2019 23 - 26 MAY

Grand Prix de Monaco

Monaco is probably the most famous race of the season, taking place on a street circuit in the Principality. It is also the slowest and least abrasive circuit of the year. Tyre wear is low: mechanical grip and high levels of low-speed downforce are very important here. Overtaking is nearly impossible, putting the emphasis on qualifying. With limited run-off areas and a high risk of incidents, the safety car has often influenced the race outcome at this track in the past.

The Circuit

Grand Prix de Monaco
Number of laps 78
Circuit Length 3.337 Km
Race Distance 260.286 Km
Lap record 1:14.260 Max Verstappen - 2018

Circuit Data

1 Tyrestress 5 Downforce 1 Lateral 1 Asphaltabrasion 1 Asphaltgrip


P Zero white Hard — C3

P Zero yellow Medium — C4

P Zero red Soft — C5